Happy Fathers Day to all the DAD’s!!!
June 19, 2017

Happy Canada’s Day, Canada 150th Birthday

Happy 150th Birthday Canada

Eric Wiens Construction is proud to be Canadian

Canada is a country that gives so many people the chance to enjoy life, family, and culture. Eric Wiens Construction is all of these things, down to the core. We are building the future for many new families here in the Niagara Region, with a custom home that they can raise their families and their home grows with them.

Being a Canadian business owner gives us the chance to show other Canadians and newcomers to our country/region. That we care about their families and we want to thank them for letting us build their families lives in the Niagara Region, with their new custom home. Welcome to your home and Happy Birthday Canada, you are 150 years young and growing stronger and stronger every day with its people that join us.